Şoala fortified Evangelical Church

Biserica evanghelica fortificata SoalaThe fortified Evangelical Church from Şoala was built around mid fifteen century having Saint Ursula as Saint Patron. It is a gothic hall type church, with a tower in the south part of the structure.

The parish house was built in 1414 and was arranged in the south – west tower; on one of the inner beams is engraved 1525.

The walls were probably erected towards the end of fifteenth century or at the beginning of the sixteenth. The walls follow a helical path (fan shaped) having three towers covered with boards at north, east and south – west. The access is made through a gate near the south – west tower. The ruins of an old chapel can be distinguished on the north part inside the building. A second building had been created by closing the northern part with two walls placed at north – west and north –east of the Church.

The isle is covered by a ceiling and the choir has a cross arch with penetrations with no ribs. The church has two entrances covered by porticoes on the west and south sides. The main isle has three main rostra in the console, made from masonry; between 1832 and 1834, the isle was extended to the west. A new rostrum held by two rectangular pillars was built. The access is made via two stairs placed on the right and on left side of the entrance.

The access to the upper levels is done externally through a staircase attached to the tower. The last level that houses the bells has two large arched windows on each side.
A baptistery from 1527 can be admired in the church.

In 1783 the church burned to the ground and was rebuilt by Johann Pelger Schall.

The Altar is baroque and has four columns. The image on the Altar was painted by Wilhem Hauer Scheid in 1845. The organ was built in 1851 by Heinrich Meywald from Braşov and was renovated in 1931 by Andreas Martin Scheer from Şoala.

After the restorations from 1735 and 1822, the bell tower was demolished in 1883. After demolition, the bells were moved for a while in a wooden building at the south of the church.

Localization: Şoala, nr. 62
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