Axente Sever fortified Evangelical Church

biserica-evanghelica-axente11The first documentation of the Church was made in 1322 and in 1414 it was officially mentioned as All Saints Church in Frauendorf, All Saints church being dedicated to all saints in the pre-reform period.

A rare feature is the bell tower above the choir. The church is built out of quarry stone, it has two towers and the tallest of them has a clock that gives the exact time in the Saxon settlement. The tower wall has 1.60 m thickness at the ground floor. It is a hall-church with square vessel with ribbed vault that close in a rosette. The city has a defence tower, with shooting niches in the attic and a defence wall, reinforced with strong abutments, topped by “oil holes”. Four abutments can be seen outside the church on the west side.

The Altar and the organ date from 1777 and sermons are still held here every three weeks. It was rebuilt by Ludwig Wegenstein from Timişoara in 1929.

Later on the church was surrounded by a wall of average height that does not hide all the church – it is still strong and imposes respect even after 700 years.

Here were housed in adverse times both families and their supplies. In the quiet periods, the rooms (topped with a watch road) were used for various activities: meat smokehouse, burning limestone, lime extinction, producing mortar and others.

Following some recent renovations, former storerooms were converted into an authentic “Village Museum”

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