Orthodox Church dedicated to “Christ Resurrection” in Axente Sever

Biserica Ortodoxa The Orthodox Church dedicated to “Christ Resurrection” in Axente Sever was built in 1836 out of stone and brick, with thick walls, in shape of an aisle and initially without a tower. The tower was built only in 1884 in the west part of the church, above the entrance. The iconostasis and the ceiling were painted in Byzantine style in 1862. Their value determined the Ministry of Culture to enroll the church on the historical monuments list of Sibiu County in 1967.

According to the historical data, the orthodox Christians believed that in the village existed an old wooden church, like there were in most Romanian villages centuries ago, which was demolished because it became overcrowded. According to other stories, the church had been destroyed by the Habsburgs during the battles for Unity. Fact is that a bricked church was erected subsequently. It is said that the orthodox priest of that time, Vasile Andronic, left the church to his son-in-law – a Uniate priest – because he had done some efforts before to build a new church, very close to the old one, practically in the same yard. Long afterwards, the villagers called the Greco – Catholics “Uniates” and the Orthodox Christians “the New”, because they had built a new church.

Localization: Suseni Street, 500 m from the village centre, the communal cemetery courtyard.

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