biserica axente sever

“St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel” Orthodox Church Axente Sever

Biserica The building of a new and larger church in the centre of the village started in 2000 due to the burning desire of priest Mihai Isailă and to the intense religious activities of the Orthodox community of Axente Sever, having the consent of the congregation and of the parish council. The new church is situated in the middle of the village, having a surface of 2903 square meters along with the adjoining area. The project architect of the new church was Paul Veseli, former architect of Sibiu city.

The architecture of the new church blends the Byzantine tradition of the threefold plan with the Transylvanian churches with a haughty tower above the porch at the church entrance. The entrance to the holy place is separated from the rest of the church by a wall with access doors and it offers a generous space thanks to the two lateral apsis through which the basement and the balcony surrounding the church at the inside and the tower where the three automatic bells are can be reached. The nave has two lateral apsis and the Altar has the prosthesis and a small office, being delimitated by walls. The entire church ceiling is arched and three sections of different heights and surfaces can be distinguished.

The consecration of the place where the new church was built was made on 18th July 1999 by P.S. Priest Visarion Rasinareanu, the Vicar Bishop Archiepiscopacy of Sibiu at that time, in the presence of a group of priests and numerous Christians dresses in the beautiful Romanian folk costume. The first excavation works for the foundation have been made on 10th February 2000 by a construction company from Mediaş. The first hierarchical sermon in the new church was held on 16th July 2006 by I.P.S. Metropolitan Archbishop Laurenţiu Streza, when the first ordination took place in the village. The parish priest Dumitru Hilhoe was ordained deacon. At that time, the new roof was erected to the roof. The iconostasis and the three bells were consecrated in spring of 2010, during a sermon held by P.S. Vicar Bishop Andrei Fagarasanu. The construction was completed.

The balcony is covered with carved wood and decorated with icons. The sculpturing and mounting of the wood balconies, as well as of the pews and iconostasis were made by craftsmen from Gherla, thus achieving a special harmony in terms of church furniture and the interior of the church as a whole.

Localization: Commune centre, Main Street , near the Town Hall.

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