Axente Sever commune is situated in the heart of Transylvania, at the confluence of the Târnava Mare and Visa rivers, on the National Road 14, that connects Sibiu and Sighişoara through Mediaş and Copşa Mică.

Sibiu International airport is the closest airport to Axente Sever commune, at a distance of just 48 km. From here you can reach the commune by train, by car or by bus. You can find details about the flight schedule on

Railway route 200 crosses the village and the Regio type trains stop at Axente Sever Halt. You can take the train from Sibiu, Braşov, Sighişoara, Mediaş and you can find connections to all main cities in Romania. For further information, please refer to

Minibuses and buses for public transportation stop in the commune centre and they offer connections to different cities: Sibiu, Mediaş, Braşov, Vâlcea. For further information regarding routes and schedules, please refer to

National Road 14 crosses Axente Sever and connects Sibiu to Sighişoara. The road was entirely rehabilitated in 2014 and it offers very good traffic conditions. The recommended method to visit Axente Sever and the surroundings of this part of Transylvania is to travel by car.