Agirbiciu fortified Evangelical Church

Agirbiciu village, belonging to Axente Sever commune was first mentioned in year 1343.

The fortified Evangelical Church from the centre of the village was erected at the beginning of the fourteenth century, in an early Gothic style. It iwas documentary attested in 1415 and it is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The inside of the church is oval shaped, defended by a single row of walls that have an average height of 6 meters. The aisles were demolished and the arches were built in the fortification stage in the fifteenth century.

The hall arch was covered with ribs and this is confirmed by the discovery of a rib fragment. A defensive tower was erected above the choir, and over the polygonal closing two more defence levels with abutments united by arches were built and behind them there were throwing holes. The defence was improved in 1502 with a complete enclosure wall completed at the north – west by a building and a gate and adjacent to it there was a storehouse – a long and narrow building – used for bacon. The tower was erected in 1827 and it received a pyramidal roof along with the demolition of the defensive systems and of the choir defensive cate.

The characteristic sprocket on the west side of the church was built during the rebuilding of the roof in 1854. The furniture from the eighteenth century is still kept today.
Responsible for the music in the Saxon villages were the cantors, the organists, the teacher, the priests and the students. Fanfares were founded in the south and centre of Transylvania at the beginning of sixteenth century and their musicians had contributed to the social harmony of the village community. The fanfare was singing from Agârbiciu tower on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. They were also singing at weddings, Christening parties and at other events.

Localization and contact: Agârbiciu, DC 6 – towards Soala, 0726.107.652

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